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Starting or re-starting a fitness program can be one of the most challenging decisions toward a life lived well. It is essential for fitness goals to be attainable and sustainable, and only you know the steps you are willing to take to reach your fitness goals. offers some simple and creative fitness tips to encourage you in your desire to Live Well Dream Big with small steps toward a healthy fitness progam.

A healthy fitness program should involve cardio training, strength training, and a variety of fitness routines. At the same time a person's healthy fitness routine must be able to fit into your busy schedule. 

Most importantly you must have a good understanding of what really works when it comes to creating, and sustaining a healthy fitness program. Weight does not drop off over night, and if it does it will likely come back just as quickly. A healthy fitness program will result in a loss of 1-2 lbs per week which is much more likely to stay off for the long term. You must be patient!

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