Live Well, Today!

Finding Mental, Physical, Spiritual Health in Your Daily Life.

A life well-lived is not defined by one set of characteristics, but by the one living the life. However, studies show there are several basic elements that support living well including a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy spirit. offers tools and tips toward attaining sustainable health in each of these areas.

Change begins in the mind. In the mind we determine that we desire to live a healthy life, in the mind we determine when we will begin to make changes that lead us toward a fuller more satisfying and healthier life, and in the mind is where we determine how much we are willing to work and sacrifice to attain the life of our dreams.

Many times our physical health makes it difficult to find the energy to put into action the changes we desire. If that is the case, we must address our physical health first. Often small changes in our diet and activity level will increase our mental alertness, clarity, and energy which then allows us to make more changes to attain a level of wellness in our bodies and minds that is sustainable. It is a cycle of wellness. 

The healthier our bodies, the healthier our minds; the healthier our minds, the healthier our bodies.

Although mind and body health is an extremely important aspect of a healthy life, our spiritual health is as equally important. Studies in the field of psychology report that individuals who report having a belief in God experience higher levels of emotional and physical wellbeing and counselors and therapist report that a high percentage of their clients wish to address the spiritual in their healing process. Because, each persons spiritual journey is as unique as the individual offers tools, tips, resources, and ideas for beginning, nurturing, and persevering through that journey. 

The culmination of seeking to Live Well, Today is a life lived with intention, enthusiasm, and wellness in every area of your life.

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