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Sensational Chef Salad

This low calorie chef salad is a generous salad that blends a variety of flavors in each bite. The low calorie Sensational Chef Salad makes a go to meal for lunch as well as dinner.

2 cups Romaine lettuce (20 calories)

2 cups Kale, fresh (73 calories)

½ cup Celery, chopped, or sliced (10 calories)

1 Medium Apple, chopped (41 calories)

1 Medium Carrot, chopped, or grated (25 calories)

2 slices, Hormel Natural Choice Uncured Salami, chopped (55 calories)

3 slices Hormel Natural Choice Honey Deli Turkey, chopped (60 calories)

2 Tbsp Newman’s Own Lite Honey Mustard Dressing (70 calories)

354 Calories

The above picture does not represent the recipe to the right